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Brought to you by Hywel Berry.
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Available July 1st 

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The Screenwriter's Journey video learning course is for any writer looking to break in. Whether you have never written a word or are finishing your 10th screenplay. With over 70 videos across 8 key stages of your journey it will challenge and drive you forward to achieve your goal.

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Breakdown of the Journey

Stage 1: Starting our Screenwriting Journey

  • So you want to be a screenwriter
  • The REAL Screenwriter's Journey
  • What is a screenplay?
  • What screenwriting books should we read?
  • When do we write?
  • Should we write with a partner?

Stage 2: Our First Screenplay

  • How do we start our first screenplay?
  • What shouldn't we write?
  • What does a screenplay look like?
  • What is a story?
  • How do we create our story?
  • What is a logline?
  • What are subplots?
  • What is screenplay structure?
  • The protagonist's journey?
  • ACT one
  • ACT two
  • ACT three
  • Planning our screenplay
  • Writing our first screenplay
  • Writing is hard


Stage 3: Rewriting 101

  • We've finished our first draft
  • Rewriting our first screenplay
  • How do we fix story problems?
  • How do we make our screenplay shorter?
  • How do we make our screenplay better?
  • How do we get feedback?
  • Our third draft?
  • Our sale draft
  • How do we know if our screenplay is any good?
  • What do we do with this screenplay?


Stage 4: Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th screenplays 

  • Starting our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th screenplay
  • How is our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th screenplay different?
  • How do we improve our story?
  • How do we improve our protagonist?
  • How do we improve our character's flaws?
  • Writing our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th screenplay

Stage 5: Advanced Rewriting

  • How do we improve our feedback?
  • How do we rewrite our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th screenplays?
  • How do we improve our scenes?
  • How do we improve our subplots?
  • How do we improve our dialogue?
  • How do we improve our first 15 pages?
  • How do we improve our second Act
  • How do we improve our resolution?

Stage 6: The Business of Movies

  • Hollywood Vs. Independent Movies
  • How do Studios make money?
  • The Role of the Producer
  • Credit and Arbitration
  • I'm embarrassed to tell people I'm a screenwriter
  • Will someone steal my idea?
  • How do we sell our screenplay?
  • Who will read our screenplay?
  • The studio hierarchy


Stage 7: Professional Level Writing

  • Our 6th screenplay
  • Should we move to L.A. now?
  • How to create a believable world?
  • When is it okay to break the rules?
  • Are we hitting the right tone?
  • How do we write female characters?
  • Why is comedy the hardest genre?
  • Creating movie moments
  • Are adaptations a different skill?


Stage 8: Breaking In

  • Success is where we find it?
  • How do we have a meeting?
  • How do we have a meeting with an agent?
  • How do we pitch?
  • How do we make the deal?
  • How do we build our own career?
  • How do we take notes?
  • When is our journey over?