From Hywel Berry, author of The Screenwriter’s Journey

“A must have bible for your bumpy journey through the rough roads of the entertainment business.”

“I love to read this book since is very clearly written. I also like the references that the author makes about other great books and when to read them.”

“His blunt honesty and genuine self-reflection is a breath of fresh air in an industry always trying to sell you magic beans. This is an essential book that should be added to your bookshelf alongside Goldman, Field, Snyder and McKee.”

“In The Screenwriter’s Journey, Berry has put together an impressively comprehensive guide for the beginning and intermediate screenwriter that highlights creative resilience and includes tips for how to avoid giving up on yourself along the way.”

“What I found most helpful was how it guided me through the entire writing process and beyond in a very natural way that has given me a huge amount of creative confidence.”

“I’ve read a ton of books on screenwriting (and many were excellent) but what this one does far better than the others is to lay out, in unvarnished detail, a practical road map for making it as a screenwriter in the real world.”

“This is a great book to pick up every time you need some extra motivation to get on with writing that screenplay. It’s not some sugar coated waffle, it’s a really easy to read book that helps you progress, and actually get on with doing some writing.”

“In a saturated market of books all more or less saying the same this ….says the same old thing.”

(Becasue you have to have your critics, right?)

Course Curriculum

Stage 1: Starting our screenwriting Journey

1.1 I Want To Be A Screenwriter

1.2 The Real Screenwriter’s Journey

1.3 What Is A Screenplay?

1.4 What Screenwriting Books Should We Read?

1.5 When Do We Write?

1.6 Should We Write With A Partner? 

Stage 2: Our First Screenplay

2.1 How Do We Start Our First Screenplay? 

2.2 What Shouldn’t We Write? 

2.3 What Does A Screenplay Look Like? 

2.4 What Is A Story?

2.5 How Do We Create Our Story?

2.6 What Is A Logline?

2.7 What Are Subplots?

2.8 What Are Subplots?

2.9 The Protagonist’s Journey

2.10 Act One

2.11 Act Two

2.12 Act Three

2.13 Planning Our First Screenplay

2.14 Writing Our First Screenplay

2.15 Why We Get Stuck And How To Deal With It

Stage 3 : Rewriting 101 (Videos coming online in January 2021)

3.1 We’ve Finished Our First Draft

3.2 Rewriting Our First Screenplay

3.3 How Do We Fix Story Problems?

3.4 How Do We Make Our Screenplay Shorter?

3.5 How Do We Make Our Screenplay Better? 

3.6 How Do We Get Feedback?

3.7 Our Third Draft

3.8 Our Sale Draft

3.9 How Do We Know If This Screenplay Is Any Good?

3.10 What Do We Do With This Screenplay? 

Stage 4: Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Screenplays (Videos coming online in February 2021)

4.1 Starting Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Screenplay

4.2 How Is Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Screenplay Different? 

4.3 How Do We Improve Our Story? 

4.4 How Do We Improve Our Protagonist?

4.5 How Do We Improve Our Characters’ Flaws? 

4.6 Writing Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Screenplay

Stage 5: Advanced Rewriting (Videos coming online in March 2021)

5.1 How Do We Improve Our Feedback? 

5.2 How Do We Rewrite Our 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Screenplay?

5.3 How Do We Improve Our Scenes?

5.4 How Do We Improve Our Subplots?

5.5 How Do We Improve Our Dialogue?

5.6 How Do We Improve Our First 15 Pages?

5.7 How Do We Improve Our Second Act?

5.8 How Do We Improve Our Resolution?

Stage 6: The Business of Movies (Videos coming online in April 2021)

6.1 Hollywood Vs. Independent Movies

6.2 How Do Studios Make Money?

6.3 The Role Of The Producer

6.4 Credit And Arbitration

6.5 I’m Embarrassed To Tell People I’m A Screenwriter

6.6 Will Someone Steal Our Idea?

6.7 How Do We Sell Our Screenplay?

6.8 Who Will Read Our Screenplay?

6.9 The Studio Hierarchy

Stage 7: Professional Level Writing (Videos coming online in May 2021)

7.1 Our 6th Screenplay

7.2 Should We Move To L.A. Now? 

7.3 How To Create A Believable World

7.4 When Is It Okay To Break The Rules?

7.5 Are We Hitting The Right Tone?

7.6 How To Write Female Characters

7.7 Why Is Comedy The Hardest Genre?

7.8 Creating Movie Moments

7.9 Are Adaptations A Different Skill?

Stage 8: Breaking In (Videos coming online in June 2021)

8.1 Success Is Where We Find It

8.2 How Do We Have A Meeting?

8.3 How Do We Have A Meeting With An Agent?

8.4 How Do We Pitch? 

8.5 How Do We Make The Deal?

8.6 How Do We Build Our Own Career?

8.7 How Do We Take Notes?

8.8 When Is Our Journey Over?

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