5 Tips to write a screenplay that gets produced

We all want to write a screenplay that gets produced. Otherwise we are just writing to kill time. But what makes the difference between a good screenplay and one that makes it into production?   1) Don’t write what CANNOT be produced. This seems obvious and yet many new writers … Read More

How to beat writer’s block

If we are suffering from writer’s block, we must at least be writing. If writing a screenplay were easy, everyone would be a screenwriter (and other clichés that might make you feel better). A screenwriter is somebody who gets words down on paper and has a hard time making their … Read More

Beating the Hollywood Script Reader

Once we finish a script and send it off to “Hollywood”, located at number 1 Hollywood Road, Hollywood, who will actually read it? With very few exceptions, our script will be read by a “reader”. Sounds obvious, but the Hollywood script reader is actually a very important and yet elusive … Read More

Writing the second Act

The second act is the most difficult to write. It is the place where we are most likely to get stuck and give up, and the place where readers are most likely to get bored and drift off. Why? Because it’s 50 pages or more, and it’s less clear what … Read More

Starting your first screenplay

Ready to be a screenwriter? The best thing to do is just jump in and start writing. We can be prone to using “learning” about screenwriting as a good tool to put off the business of actually writing. Our goal with our first screenplay is not to write something as … Read More

Do I need to live in L.A. to be a screenwriter?

Yes, we do, if our goal is to have a career as a Hollywood screenwriter.  In their book Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, uber-successful screenwriters Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon discuss correctly the need to be in the heart of the industry. Studios, agents, and producers need you available at … Read More

How to get feedback on your screenplay

Getting feedback seems easy, but trust me when I tell you that the time, the energy, the heart and passion that we pour into our screenplay will make us strangely defensive of our work. Even when we solicit feedback, we hate to be told that what we have written doesn’t … Read More