The Screenwriter’s Journey – Level 2 – Making a good script great


6 week class for writers who have finished at least one screenplay.

Classes take place every Sunday at 1pm PST (4pm EST) and last for 2 hours.

Most of us believe that once we have finished our first screenplay that within a few weeks we will be enjoying our million dollar script sale and sipping champagne with Spielberg. But believe me when I tell you that it never happens. Even those “overnight success” stories you read about actually took the writer in question many years and many screenplays before they could finally enjoy such instant recognition.

Once we have finished a few scripts we know that instant success is a pipe dream and the only way to really break in is to make ourselves stand out. And the only way to truly stand out in a pile of screenplays is to write something that people simply cannot put down. Therefore, we need to learn how to make our good script great.

This six week class is designed for people who have written at least one screenplay and are now looking to start the next stage of their screenwriting journey where they can take their screenplays to the next level, stand up above the pack of newbie writers and finally break in.

Check out the class breakdown below: